CLEAR coated

Clear Coated, by Miriam Reynolds Rigby

Clear Coated is a rainwear brand built to create rainproof clothing and accessories that enhance and compliment, rather than hide, an outfit or personal style. Clear Coated provides products that let you take on the rain with excitement and swagger.

Based out of Seattle, Clear Coated began as the brainchild of Miriam Reynolds Rigby. Inspired by the countless rainy days throughout the year and a desire to express herself through the clothing she wore, Miriam began creating raincoats that matched, displayed and enriched the clothing worn underneath.

The first Clear Coated raincoats showcased as Miriam’s final project at the School of Apparel Design and Development (Seattle Central) in 2010. The appeal for the coats grew thereafter and along with new coat designs came the addition of accessories- hats, purses, spats. All products are made of waterproof materials.

The designs are inspired by the wet weather of the Pacific Northwest. The rain creates the beautiful green landscape of Seattle so why not embrace it. Clear Coated embodies the space where nature meets urban, featuring clean modern lines, aspects of space age fashion and notions of the future. Along with the modish and edgy take, there also lies the objective of functionality. All products are designed and developed by Miriam in her Seattle workspace.

Stay dry and stay tuned, as the future will be unexpected… and wet.

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